Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee

BSc Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dipl. Child Psychology Positive Parenting Practitioner

Positive Parenting Practitioner

21 March 2023, 04:00 PM

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About this Speaker

Lorraine Lee has a background in Child Development and Positive Parenting. She has worked with parents, teachers, trainee teachers, children, young people and athletes for over 19 years. She is well established as a valuable expert in these areas.

She has featured in national publications discussing the impact of technology on young people and been a guest specialist on Southern Television (ITV Meridian Tonight) and BBC Morning Live.

The impact of Lorraine’s work can be measured by the number of testimonials she receives from parents, teachers and professionals describing how both their understanding of their children and their relationship has been restored.

Her passion is to help families thrive fully and equip every adult surrounding a child’s life to understand, empower, and enjoy that child. She has a particular interest in children being enriched by their education and becoming active participants in their own learning. She believes children should know how their brains work and how to use them fully.

Her workshops are filled with practical guidance on how to manage key topic areas relevant to children and young people. Her extremely informative sessions are inspiring, warm and humorous. The powerful strategies and tools are delivered in a way that makes the content accessible to everyone.

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