How do parents feel about their children going to university?

The Southern Universities Network (SUN) is a collaborative partnership comprising universities, local authorities, colleges and schools in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. The SUN provides higher education activities to select schools and colleges as part of the Uni Connect Programme by the Office for Students.

Meet parents whose children now attend university and find out about their experience of finding an institution with their child.

How parents can prepare before a university open day

Parental Insight into Children Leaving for University

Pleased, Proud and Scared to Death; A parent from Warrington talks about the experience of her child going to University far away from home, the support he received and how it felt having her child be the first in the family to study HE.

Mum’s the Word; A parent from Stoke talking about their experience of their children going to University. One had gone and graduated in 2008 and one is currently still at University. Both students decided to stay at home to study.

Inspiring males in occupational therapy and nursing

This is films highlights the value of studying and training for different professions from the perspective of young men and senior professionals.

Living as a student - paying your household bills

Are you thinking about going to university but are unsure how to budget for your household bills? Watch this video for tips and advice from current students on how they budget for their bills

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

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